20-я улица, Elektrostal, Moscow Oblast, Central Federal Dis..
2019-07-07 15:35:05
Есинский пруд, дорога к зоне отдыха ..
2019-07-07 15:42:29
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We were able to extract EXIF data from 2 photos and 2 photos has GPS information. The map above shows 2 photos which have GPS information available. Alternatively, the list below contains all 2 photos uploaded recently, with or without location data. You can click on a photo to view its EXIF details (shutter speed, ISO, lens info, f-stop, etc.) on a seperate page. All geotagged photos were taken in Moscow Oblast Russia. The camera used was a Samsung SM-A510F. All photos were shot on Sun 7th of July 2019.