Photo taken at Dresden Frauenkirche, 01067 Dresden, Germany with Apple iPhone 7
Camera:Apple iPhone 7
Date:Tue 18th of July 2017
Address:Dresden Frauenkirche, 01067 Dresden, Germany
City:Dresden / Sachsen
Location:51° 3' 7.11" N, 13° 44' 29.66" E
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The photo was shot using a Apple iPhone 7 camera at an aperture of f/1.8, 1/2907 sec. shutter speed and ISO 20. iPhone 7 back camera 3.99mm f/1.8 lens was used to capture the image. Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode. The original image file has a resolution of 1000 x 750 pixels, or in other words 0.8 megapixels.The photo has a resolution of 72 DPI.

According to the image metadata, the photo was shot on Tuesday 18th of July 2017. The local time was 13:24:40. The timezone was Europe / Prague, which is GMT +02:00. Please note that timezone was guessed using the GPS coordinates and may not be accurate. The EXIF timestamp may also be wrong if the date and time weren't set correctly in the digital camera.

Apple iPhone 7 camera has a built-in GPS receiver and allows geotagging on image files. The coordinates and location where the photo was taken is stored in the EXIF. According to GPS data analysis, the photo was taken at coordinates 51° 3' 7.11" N , 13° 44' 29.66" E. The elevation was 193 meters. The camera was pointing West at 290.89 degrees. Using reverse geocoding, the address associated with the coordinates is guessed as Dresden Frauenkirche, 01067 Dresden, Germany. Depending on the GPS receiver and the reception conditions the accuracy may vary and the address should not be regarded as exact location.

Address:Dresden Frauenkirche, 01067 Dresden, Germany
(Location was guessed from coordinates and may not be accurate.)